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Social Media: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

By Osas Jacob · Jul 5, 2017 ·
  1. Osas Jacob
    The online world has taken over the daily activities of not less than 90% of the world's population. Platforms such as Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc, have continued to grow in popularity. All in all, social media has had effects on all its users. This article highlights the good, the bad and the ugly sides of the online world through the use of various social media channels.

    The Good
    It cannot be denied that social media platforms have helped us in a lot of ways. Businesses have grown their customer base through the use of advertisements on these online platforms. Personally, as a freelancer, making money through my skills makes working in the comfort of my home very easy. Gone are the days where the only jobs that pay are those that require dressing up in formal wears and leaving as early as 8am. This is one of the good sides of social media. Also, Youtube can be very useful for getting videos of tutorials for the use of advanced software such as Adobe Photoshop, Autocad, etc. This is something i have also benefited from immensely.

    As users, getting in tune with what is going on around the world is very easy. From operating our mobile phones or laptops, a good internet connection will provide all the required information just by scrolling through social media platforms. I remember when a student came over to a cyber cafe to search for answers to his assignments. It made me laugh a bit. Gone are the days when students would have to search through big textbooks when answers can be gotten through Google.

    The Bad
    Sadly, Social media has its terribly bad side. It has promoted laziness in a lot of people, including youths. Not only is more time spent online reading through gossip blogs and chatting with friends, most students don't want to bother reading anymore. Although, i highlighted previously that it helps with assignments, that good side is being abused. Students have become very reliant on online search engines. They would rather go online and copy out answers without going through it thoroughly than bring out textbooks to read.

    Going online requires a browsing phone. As a result of this, it is very hard to control what the young ones get to see. There are a lot of questionable things on the internet and the youths are very exposed to it. Day by day, i see semi-nude pictures posted on Facebook so as to get a lot of "likes".

    The Ugly
    This is the part that hurts me the most. Social media has so ingrained itself into the lives of people that everybody is crazy about posting things online. Every little scenario that occurs results in people creating videos to post online. The most sickening thing is that this even takes place in the cases of emergencies. For example, i viewed a picture recently where a suspected cultist was burnt to death in an act of jungle justice. What caught my attention were the people that were around that scene. As soon as i zoomed into the picture, i noticed to my utter consternation that almost everybody there was holding up a phone! It was like a ritual. Some people may argue that if they don't take video or pictures, how would we get news? My answer to this is a life is more precious than a news article. I would much prefer that a person doesn't get killed in such a barbaric manner and then to make things worse, pictures and videos are circulated around. A lot of people have turned themselves to glorified social media stars, wanting to post every single thing that takes place. Another scenario is the case of an accident scene. In that situation where a life could be saved if prompt action is taken, it breaks my heart to say that human beings would rather start taking pictures than call the right agencies to render help. We need to set our priorities right!

    Social media is a very powerful tool. I urge you all to use it wisely.​

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    Osas Jacob
    Osas is a lady of many talents. I am a fun loving medical student by choice and a blogger by accident. I love the power that writing gives me, the ability to make a mark with just words. I also offer freelance services. Feel free to contact me via PM.
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