Many still wonder if there are still some real German Shepherd Dog out theree with b. "It takes people with a real need to create a breed,much valued for its abilities. It takes people who merely fancy the breed,with no knowledge of, or care for its true purpose to bring it to ruin”
Stefan, Sep 4, 2016
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    • Oluomoadebayo
      I don't remember the last time I saw a GSD with this form.
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    • Stefan
      @Oluomoadebayo ...they're out there, just too few like a needle in a haystack.
      What the WUSV, the media and the world recognize as the GSD today has messed up the gene pool, so anyone willing to go for this old type must have a NEED and be so dedicated to his needs.
    • Stefan
      I've often told people through my studies that to possibly find GSDs that are true to the old type both in character and form, Czech bloodlines are your best bet.
      A bit of DDR too
    • Oluomoadebayo
      @Stefan which part of the world can I find this?
    • Oluomoadebayo
      @Stefan Jinopo breeds quality GSD but still not square like the one in the picture.
    • Gertn
      The pictures look more like a malinois, am I correct?
    • Stefan
      The Z Pohranicni Straze now Jinopo is a government established kennel that breeds border patrol GSDs during the communist Czechoslovakia.
      There are three kennels owned by civilians which the Z Pohranicni straze kennel works closely, Z Jirkova dvora, Jipo-Me(the kennel that bred "Body" the GSD in the media posted) and Z Blatenskeho zamku. These kennels, owned by civilians, are at times given the opportunity to take Pohranicni Straze breeding females and whelp the litters. In return, these private kennels keep half of the litter which bears the kennel name "Z Pohranicni straze".

      Truly, there are hardly GSDs as square as this one today cos even working folks also want to win in conformation,but we still surely have many shepherds as close to this square shape as much.
      Likes of Dargo ha ja da, Reno jipo me, Xero jipo me, and some others are close.
    • Stefan
      @Gertn yes, but they're GSDs.
    • Stefan
      @Oluomoadebayo ...thanks for that reference. From Jerry's pedigree, he shows to be of a Czech bloodline. With his form, he doesn't completely conform to the square shape we're talking about truly, and this is because of some shortcomings in his structure.
      Though he's in a stack position, but nevertheless, He has a little bit of angulation at the rear, upper arms seems short,...this is mostly why his back seems drawn downward.
      A good muscular dog anyway.
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