Important Lessons from the Tale of Evans, the Kidnapper

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    For weeks now, the story of the capture of Evans, the kidnapper has been circulating various social media platforms. Different reports keep coming in. His wife and kids took pictures of themselves crying and begging the public to have mercy on him, while also saying he would become an anti-kidnapping ambassador. Even Evans himself was said to have begged for his life to be ended as he is tired of the shame and pain. In all this, we realize that there are various lessons to be learnt and i have highlighted a few:

    Crime pays till you get caught
    Do not get me wrong, i am not in support of crime. Never! However, there is truth in this statement. While he was kidnapping people and making billions of naira as ransom money, he can't deny that he was very comfortable with his evil dealings. It never occurred to him that what he was doing was evil and should be stopped because he was actually enjoying it. What is wrong is wrong, and crime is very wrong. Never relax and receive comfort through the pains of others.

    As a wife, know your husband's occupation
    Now, this goes out to the married women out there. Not every woman marries for money, agreed, but knowing your husband's occupation is important. This is a very important lesson from the tale of Evans. According to his wife, she said she never knew her husband was into kidnapping, she thought he was into imports and exports instead. Let's assume she is telling the truth, but there are few questions to be raised here. Could he have covered his tracks so well that even his wife did not at any point in time suspect that something was amiss? How rich could he have gotten from that kind of business only? Was she aware of his dealings but only going along with it because of her monetary gain? Wives, you are allowed to investigate your husband's occupation, at least for your safety.

    These are the few lessons i could highlight from the tale of Evans, the kidnapper. I am sure there are more.
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