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    The sun sets, never to rise again
    The light fades from our every orifice
    The end has just begun
    We're hoisted up to the gloomy skies
    And another great adventure begins!

    We are just blips on people's radar,
    Do we even count?

    Tales would surely be told after our demise
    Cruel or kind, we may never know!
    Some loyalties waver in death
    As we gaze at our crumbling pedestal from strange places
    It all depends on the impact we made as blips!

    We are just blips on people's radar,
    Do we even matter?

    Some tales would be retold with teary eyes
    And stories passed down from generation to generation
    Stories about the greats!
    Would ours be forgotten,
    Would we fade into oblivion?

    We are just blips on people's radar,
    Do we even exist!

    A saddening remorse,
    A wrong left unchanged,
    An unfulfilled life
    He's gone, now he regrets it
    But it's too late

    He was just a blip on people's radar,
    He didn't even count, matter or exist!

    We have the chance to change all that!
    We can decide our tale
    We can live after death
    We can be greats
    We're just blips! Let's be blips that matter!

    ©Life of Le' Sammy

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