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    The top priority in the industries today is not how much but how safe , 'safety first' . Numerous safety campaigns are currently going on in the industry to avoid unforeseen circumstances .

    Safety has so many definitions according to the level of understanding . It is paramount to bring forth some of the definitions .
    < safety could be defined as ability to maintain good health condition in order to go back home the same way you resumed your day to day work .
    < Safety is the state of being safe and protected from danger or harm .
    < Safety is the act of doing the right thing at the right time with the right tools in a safe condition and safe state of mind .

    Safety in the Industry will be defeated if the following rules are not properly adhered to :
    - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) : required for working must be properly used . These include : eye protection , hearing protection , protective clothing , gloves , safety shoes , hard hats . Using those equipments listed above will to some extent guarantee safety of the personnel .

    - Never remove safety guards on any equipment for convenience or to improve performance . Guards must be in place during normal operation. It may be temporarily removed only when equipment is being maintained or required .

    - High temperature / high pressure hazards should be avoided . Such hazards include hydraulic horse of any pressure rating , steaming machine , and hot fluid of any kind .

    - Avoid going close to any rotating object especially when putting on loose cloth or tie .

    - Always shut down all equipments/appliances before leaving the office , workshop or your house as the case maybe to avoid fire outbreak .

    - Always watch out for lifting equipments and heavy duty equipments such as crane , forklift , truck etc.

    - Always keep your environment clean and avoid spill of any form . Spill could be as a result of human error or natural cause but it must be minimized by constant monitoring and awareness on liquid disposal .

    - Always put on your safety belt while driving and avoid making or receiving calls while driving .

    The following are terms which are common in safety report :
    - Unsafe act , unsafe condition , accidents , hazards , near missed , lost time injury , pinch point , flying object .

    To maintin high level of safety in the industry as well as in our daily life , the following must be followed ;
    * frequent medical check should and must be a routine operation for all the personnel to avoid breakdown .
    * Report cards or situation report cards must be made available to all personnels to checkmate safety activities .
    * Daily "tool box" meeting must be observed .
    * Weekly general meeting .
    * Monthly safety meeting .
    * Job induction must be carried out .

    * Needless rush brings about endless worries .

    * Do not do the job if it is not safe .

    * Always use the safe route / path.

    * Always use the tools for the job .

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