Valentine With Partner Of My Heart

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    It was a sunny afternoon, the almighty torch shining in the sky with its grandeur display of glory no other source of light could seem to match. Though, the creamy silk curtain hanging on my window tend to absorb as much as it could, but I still felt the enormous amount of heat the sun was dishing out. One would think there was a planned coup in the heavenly body to overthrow the almighty glow, hence the display of ferocity.

    I just got off the phone with Gbola, the partner of my heart, I thought I had great wall built until he came and walked right through like I built an illusion.

    "No, it wasn't an illusion, if it were, I probably would have been involved with someone else." so I thought in myself.

    "He came into my heart and all I could see is him, that big head issa wizard".

    I just got off the phone with him and just like every other phone call , it was a flood of emotion drowning my heart, only that, this time, it was a bit different. St. Valentine's day was in couple of days, it was our first together, and my first ever with a partner, yes, Gbola was my first ever.

    The relationship had been smooth, it was all I could ever dream of, all but the several miles that lay between us. So while on the phone with him, we talked about my recent job interview, he concentrated more on making me happy and giving me a positive feel about working for the first time and them we drifted to the said Saint that died for love. The life in his tone suddenly disappeared as he said,

    "....babe, I wish I'd be able to come around but we are short-staffed. Besides, I'm dead broke..", every word spelled out as if his neck was shackled. I knew I had to make him good, whatever sentence he was trying to make, it was lost as I said

    "I've thought about all of that and I have a plan already, I only hope it will work" .... So I said. After all, it had been him risking it all to come around to Lagos since we started dating. He never complained about it but I gave it a thought too, it wasn't easy as it seemed. If my response suprised him I could not tell, he maintained the calm.

    " Really? So what is this supposed plan of yours? You might not even be allowed to go out at all that day"

    "shaarrraappp! What do you mean? What are you insinuating? Why are you like this? Opo buruku". Even though I knew he wasn't a dunce—opo, I grabbed every opportunity I had to call him one.

    "Well, I'll tell mum I have something to do in school, and it will have me stay in school from Friday till Monday ". The last year's Val was on a Sunday, so the plan was to make mum believe her child was in school not knowing she's rather under the baptism of the touch of red frenzy.

    "won't she—"....

    "She won't say anything by God's grace, so just pray, Gbola pray!"

    "but won't you be lying? What if—"

    "Gbola kilo ma n se bayi (what's always wrong with you now)?"

    "ok, ok babe... I'd be delighted if your plan go well. Like, I haven't slightest hunch you'd willingly wanna come to Ibadan... Wow!"

    We went ahead to talk of plans for the day, our day, Saint's day. Now I could tell he was so happy as chuckles emanated at the edges of his speech. After we were done I anxiously waited for mum to return back from work so I can feed her the potion I've brilliantly brewed. I couldn't wait to feel myself for my ingenious plan, or which other plan could anyone have. After all, parents don't joke when the parcel comes with 'school'.


    The light on my phone blinked and the phone wiggled like it suffered concussion as that was its way of notifying me of calls. I sheepishly glanced at it as it was hard for me to break from the tug my lips was in with Gbola's. It was Val's day and I was with my love, I couldn't have anyone trying to interrupt whatever I was doing, not even mum whose call I just missed before slamming off my phone. Flipped the device under the pillow and continued to bask in the euphoria of laying in Gbola's hands. Then a fluid touched my lips, unexpected, and salty as my tongue wiped it off in reflex. I opened my eyes to the tears that blurred my vision, I lay curled up around my pillow staring at the creamy silk curtain that covered my window. I was in my room on February 14th. Gbola and I kissing, my phone ringing, it was my mind playing tricks with me.

    Mum had denied me the chance to be in school as I had planned. It was as if mum had an eavesdropping device and had heard all what Gbola and I discussed. The steel in her glance as she declined me of staying in school over the weekend was real like it would stab me.

    "you are not staying over the weekend. Whatever you have to do, I'll give you the fare that will take you to-and-fro".... She didn't say anything afterwards, I couldn't say anything, she saw through me and flanked my thoughts. There was nothing else I could come up with.

    That was how it went. I spent my Saint Valentine's day alone, the partner of my heart told me he did the same. We were helpless. We were hearts connected with difference of miles.
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